Platinum Partners

Platinum Partners is recognized as the leader in helping IMOs THRIVE, serving more than 100 agencies. We do this by collaborating with three critical roles within the IMO: the key administrator, valued marketing director and the pivotal agency principal. Platinum Partner IMOs enjoy additional resources that enable them to be better equipped to drive enhanced results.

Platinum Partners enjoy having benefits of being part of an organization that gives them access to a variety of shared services that enable them to THRIVE in this highly competitive
landscape. In addition, we believe the partnerships we form with organizations are meant to last, so we esteem this program and as a result are selective. 

With a focus on a variety of fixed annuity, life insurance, linked benefit products and tools, the Platinum Partners helps your agency increase revenue, recruit and engage great producers, and thrive by achieving new successes through:

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  • Personalized sales training to help achieve the goals of nearly every aspect of your agency, including product, carrier, software and process enhancements; customized plans to help increase sales as well as recruiting new and engaging current agents; and additional specific guidance on what will work best for your agency
  • Solutions to help meet your producers’ client needs, including carrier diversification and 24/7 access to a comprehensive website featuring a term quote engine, annuity searches, annuity rates and more
  • Newsletter content and sales tips you can customize with your own brand and incorporate into your agency newsletter
  • Webinars from core carriers with product insights
  • Product awareness promotions that could help your marketers through stellar sales ideas and incentives
  • Easy-to-understand, one-page sales sheets featuring ideas you can provide to your producers to help see improved results
  • A carrier liaison who can address life or annuity challenges for you so you can stay focused on your producers and their needs
  • Ongoing sales support, insightful training and access to a broad variety of products and carriers

Our Shared Services teams with several full-time staff members in Underwriting, Advanced Markets and Compliance and Suitability provide insights to help you get more cases placed.